to seek out thought-provoking ideas + stories & maximize our creative energies to produce
    detail-oriented, memorable films


    conceptualized in 2018, founded in 2019,

    lockeport productions

    has two completed films UNDER ITS BELT.


    'Misfit m.' is the recipient of the "award of excellence" from CANADA SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL 2019

    paige locke


    equal parts actor, producer and artist, locke is genetically programmed to be both a creator and an entrepreneur.

    hailing from toronto, ontario, locke split her summers between home and the family cottage in muskoka, lockeport, named after lockeport, nova scotia; a small-town tribute to her great grandfather.

    as an executive producer, her motto is "well, let's just go big". as a producer, her motto is "if the team's on board, let's just go big." whatever the budget, we'll do our best to do it right.

    she's a trained actor, singer, painter and portrait artist.
    she's an intuitive filmmaker.

    stay tuned...

    • Paige Locke IMDb


    key collaborator


    misfit m.

    austin ball

    key collaborator

    co-director + dop + editor + ACTOR

    misfit m.

    • Austin Ball Vimeo

    allie dunbar

    key collaborator

    producer + actor

    misfit m.

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    tara federko

    key collaborator

    writer + creator + actor

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